What is Figura?

Figura is a managed marketplace and a platform for hiring vetted and elite designers on-demand.

How are you different from the other freelance platforms or outsourcing companies?

First of all, we test and interview every designer who applies to join our network. We have really high standards in terms of our talent and our hard vetting process allows ensuring every client gets to work with top-notch UX/UI designer who have strong work ethics and good communication skills.

We match you with handpicked candidates as per your needs. So no interviews, no job posting and no filtering and headache for you.

Is there a minimum project size budget and duration?

Yes, to ensure our freelancers are placed on high-quality projects, our projects has a soft commitment of $6,000 minimum per month. In terms of hours, we start at 120 hours of work at minimum for an individual position and will be happy to send some more candidates for your consideration depending on your project’s needs. We have design talents that are available for part time, full time or on contract basis. Generally, our clients keep working with our designers for years!

Do I own the copy rights?

100%. Our contract covers everything for you. You can also have a contract with the designer on personal level as you will be working 1:1.

Will I get a project estimation before the start?

Of course, you will. You just need to provide Figura with your project needs and we will get the numbers for you. You can then estimate the project’s total cost or monthly payouts.

What sort of services your designers provide?

Mainly we are focused on web/mobile app and product design. Along with that, our experts can help with UX/UI, research and CRO improvement. Go ahead and let us know what do you need and we will Figura it out.

Are there any upfront fees?

We charge $500 as a security deposit (upfront) which is refundable in case we don’t end up working together (haven’t see that before). This deposit will be used as your balance and will be adjusted to pay the designer when the project starts.

What’s the payment process like?

Payments consists of two parts:

1. Security deposit of $500. It will be adjusted in your balance when we kick off the project. This is fully refundable in case we don’t end-up working together (which has never been the case).  
2. Bi-weekly payments (upfront) for the designer/resource payout throughout the project duration.

When do you charge me actually?

We charge you on Tuesday (because Monday’s are hectic) bi-weekly according to the 2 week’s hours reported by the designer.

How can I cover outstanding hours if the designer is doing extra work?

Our accountants will take care of it - all behind the scenes directly with the designer and charge you only for hours reported by your designer for the previous week. No fishy stuff - promise.

What happens to my balance after the project is finished and you still have my $$$?

It’s all yours. We will transfer it back to the same account.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay us in Bitcoin.. just kidding. Payments can be made by direct deposits to our bank account or using bank cards (debit/credit cards). We may setup a weekly subscription for your ease.

Do your designers speak good english?

Designers with solid English understanding and excellent work ethics run with our pace.

How do you vet the designers?

Every designer must pass our four stages of Figura filtration:
- CV & portfolio evaluation
- Soft skills and communication in English
- Tough design task
- Even tougher visual task

What are your hourly rates?

Figura’s design talent rates start at $45-$120/hour for UX/UI and product design in general. It can vary from service to service. Straight monthly fee starts from $6,000

Can I hire a designer to work as an in-house team member?

Sure, you may. We charge you a flat fee of $10,000 and you may take your work outside Figura’s network. Just let us know your requirements and we shall bring you the chosen one.

How experienced are your designers?

Our designers have worked with companies like BMW, Panasonic, Rook, ShareNow, Ledger, Quickbase to name a few. We have literally the top 1% of the design talent on the planet Earth. On average, our designers have at least four years of experience in the relevant field.

Can you get me a junior designer?

Unfortunately, no. We don’t work with junior resources, and, honestly, neither should you! As we are targeting fast growing startups and and companies so it’s important that we ensure the best talent is around us to design something extra-ordinary.

Do your designers do fixed-price projects?

No. We only go with hourly or bi-weekly with monthly commitment.

I have an issue with the designer, what should i do?

Simply let us know by sending an email to We will be there for you within 24 hrs.

I’m not satisfied with designer’s work, how can i get a refund?

You get to work with the designer for 7 days as a risk-free trail where you can judge the designer’s work and get the vibe if he is the right fit. If not, we will get you another match free of cost.

I don’t like the designer you gave me. Send help?

No worries. Please contact us via email We will recommend you another design talent.