About Figura
How are you different from a regular freelance platforms or outsourcing companies?

We connect you with prestigious and fast growing companies and startups who want long term project relationship. Our platform can provide you with short-term and long-term projects. You set you own terms first, you have a dedicated support and the best part is you get paid exactly what you ask. We don’t take any cut or commission from you. This is generally impossible on any other freelance platform or even in an outstaff company.

Why are the perks working with Figura?

Among 87 other things, you don’t have to sell yourself and promote your services when you are on Figura. We do everything for you while you focus on what’s important - design. And then get paid. We guarantee financial security for every hour you put in the work. With us, client’s won’t disappear and your payout will be on time from us. Also, we are building a community of designers so you get to be a part of a great network. + Some swags and goodies are always on the way 🙂 We are always supporting you in every case!

How do I track the working hours. Is there any software?

No. You simply fill out a work sheet and log your hours and work updates there. But sometimes, clients may ask to install 3rd party tools to monitor your hours. You can refuse or accept that. Depends on you. Otherwise, we will match you with another client.

Is your platform public and anyone can see my profile?

Not at all. Even our client’s only see your profile if it’s a good match and there is a potential opportunity to work.

Recruitment process
I filled out the form. What’s next?

First of, Thank you for taking time to consider Figura! We really appreciate that. As soon as you fill out the registration form, our team will start working on your profile. If we are good match, we will invite you for a quick video call to know more about you and evaluate your soft skills. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and you have a nice portfolio to showcase.

How can I join Figura’s network as a freelancer, and how long will it take?

Besides registering, the hiring process includes intensive screening, a live interview call with a senior recruiter (and sometimes founder :), and yes, you guessed it - a design task. We will register you on the platform and start looking for a great match afterward. Usually, it takes a week up to a month, depending on your ability and skills and experience. People are loving Figura’s platform now (what can we say), so there might be a little delay but it will worth it for you.

What are is the basic criteria for choosing freelancers for your platform?

There are a number of factors among which few are:
- You can work at least 20 hours a week, every week of the month.
- You are fluent in English and have excellent command on written communication.
- You have at least three or more years of experience in UX/UI design field in general.

About clients and projects
Who are your clients?

Mainly startups from the United States and around the globe. Generally project are for website and mobile app design, SaaS, dashboard projects that go on for 2-3 months at-least.

Are there any schedule restrictions? Can I set my own working hours in a day?

There are no strict timelines and working hours schedule. However, you have to agree upon the time for calls and work update with the client as mutually agreed.

What tools are used for communication?

Most clients use Slack, Jira, Trello for communication and distribution of tasks. For meetings, clients prefer Zoom or Google meet and sometimes Microsoft Teams.

Is your platform public and anyone can see my profile?

Not at all. Even our client’s only see your profile if it’s a good match and there is a potential opportunity to work.

Who makes the estimates in general?

You. With a mutual agreement and understanding with the client.

What if i give the wrong estimates and end up overworking or working less?

If the estimate turned out to be incorrect, you should immediately inform the client. Explain the reason (such as new requirements, unforeseen difficulties that became clear after reading the current project scope and features, underestimation of the complexity, etc.). It is important to wait for the client to confirm they are willing to pay for more hours and incur additional costs before proceeding. Don’t forget to CC Figura support so we may assist.

How do i get paid?

We multiply the number of hours you logged by your rate or check if you are on monthly retainer at the end of each month. Payout is usually send in the first week of the upcoming month to your nominated bank account, with no commissions on our side.

What payment options/modes are available?

- Bank transfers
- Payoneer (coming soon)
- Wise (coming soon)

How often can i change the rate?

Please contact Figura support to discuss this. Shoot us an email:

Do i need to sign a contract?

Yes. You need to accept the terms&conditions on the platform and sign an NDA with the client before we start our cooperation. Just the basics, dear friend.