Here’s why you need to hire a Figura Freelance Product Designer

A digital product designer is a jack of all trades. They have a deep understanding of how to take a product from concept to reality. Product designers understand how to turn an idea into a beautiful, functional, and easy-to-use digital product. 

So when your startup starts gaining traction, you need to be in good hands. A dedicated Figura product designer will enable you to take your business from good to great and ensure that you continue shipping products that users love and recommend to their friends. To ultimately drive more sales and grow your business with ease.

But what exactly can this dedicated designer do for you, and how do you go about finding them? Read on to find out.

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Murat A.
Murat enjoys solving complex problems through minimal solutions that profoundly impact individuals and communities. I have experience working with startups and corporations, mainly in B2B and SaaS.
UX, Validation, UI
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Tom K.
Tom's goal is to make your ideas and business objectives into stunning useful designs. In each project, I first listen, learn, and understand and then execute my solution to the highest level.
UX, UI, Mobile, SaaS
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So, what does a product designer actually do?

Designers are often expected to wear many different hats, so they need to be as flexible and multi-talented as they are creative. Product designers have spent a lot of time honing their problem-solving skills, so they’re in tune with who needs what and when—they understand people’s needs better than most. 

Product designers don't waste time creating nice-to-have products; they focus on solving problems and making lives easier by building innovative products and services people will actually use (and love).

They do all of this while staying true to your brand's voice and values by asking questions like:
How will we build it? 
Why should anyone care?
How will we market it?
Who's going to buy it?

Should I hire in-house or agency?

When you’re getting a product made, at some point you’re gonna have to decide where to source your product designer.
Hire an internal product designer in-house, pay them a salary and get them full-time.
The rates are initially lower than freelancers, plus they’ll be fully behind your company mission and can collaborate with your whole team. You can call on them whenever you need to.
Standard might vary, so it can be expensive and time-consuming if you need to re-hire. In the long-run, rates are higher because you need to cover tax, overheads, insurance and benefits.
Get a qualified team of specialists to take on all your design tasks.
High quality, industry-specific knowledge, great communication and help structuring your goals.
It is more expensive, and feedback loops are often long, so don’t do this if you need a quick turnaround or a one-off task. You might also encounter problems changing course mid-project. 
Anything else? What if I need the flexibility of a regular person plus the knowledge and assurance of an agency - without the super-high costs? 

Meet our ready-to-work, pre-grilled freelance designers

In the normal world, the pros and the cons of working with a designer look like this.. 
Scale up or scale down as needed, ask for help with any size project, agree a fixed cost or hourly rate up front, get direct communication and often a very fast turnaround.
Scheduling depends on the time management skills of the designer, teamwork may be an issue because you need to coordinate the designer with the rest of your team.

But with Figura, it’s different.

After soaring three four grueling stages, each of our freelance UI designers has passed the test ready to meet you. We make a point of hiring only the most skilled and creative designers so you won't waste your time with anything less than the best.

They’ve passed:
A portfolio review
Design task
Product thinking
Getting onboard
Fast hiring and on-boarding
Super-slick communication skills
Swift turnaround times
Transparent monthly or hourly pricing
On-demand support from Figura
Meet our designers

Where are you on the journey?

Just starting out
Then get yourself a talented Figura freelancer and bring a product to market that is easy to use, streamlined and interactive.
They’re just not hitting the spot
Then straight away, we’ll jump on it to find you someone who will (we almost never need to do this by the way).
Already on the path
Find a curated list of pre-vetted talented product designers who can jump right into your process and way of working.
Need help on a redesign?
Upgrade your existing products research, wireframing, testing and validation. Our designers can help you build new products or optimize existing ones.
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